Juice Club: Recurring Orders -Set It, Forget It & SAVE!

Life is busy. Most of our customers have made some of their own juice in the past. We even had a customer recently who said "I make juice for my family, but JuiceFresh makes MY juice." She went on to explain how when she wakes up the last thing she wants to do is make juice. She says she has a stash of ice cold JuiceFresh waiting for her.

Our customer went on to tell us how she pops open her favorite flavor first thing in the morning to get her day off on the right start. She went on to explain how on the weekends an hour after she enjoys her JuiceFresh cold press juice, she will break out her home juicer and make some juice for her family. We love that!

Making juice can be a lot of work. First you need a supply of fresh produce. Then you need to prep the produce and make sure you have the right ingredients for a tasty recipe. Then you have to make your juice. Then you have to clean up a huge mess. Ugh. We ought to know... we make thousands of bottles. It's a chore, but it's a chore we love but lots of people hate. That's where a recurring order comes in. We call it JuiceClub.

Would you like to have fresh JuiceFresh show up at your door ice cold and ready to enjoy with no preparation, no effort and no messy cleanup? Many customers want the power of high quality cold press juice with great tasting blends and high green juice content at their fingertips. That's why we offer a recurring order juice subscription program. It's easy.

We do the work and you enjoy the juice and all the awesome health benefits of a diet high in micronutrients. Our juice is designed to help you maintain an alkaline bloodstream. Being alkaline can be a key to reducing inflammation and all the trouble that can inflammation can cause. But what about if you are signed up to receive JuiceFresh every week, but you decide that you want to skip a week or you are going on vacation. First of all, we can ship your juice to your vacation destination. YES!!

But if you decide you want to take a break from your JuiceFresh delivery, then simply let us know and we will halt your deliveries until you tell us to turn them back on. You can simply drop us an email to info@juicefresh.net or call us at 844-JUICE NOW. Tell us when you want to resume your home or office delivery and we'll take it from there. When you set up a JuiceFresh recurring juice subscription, all that's needed is a Paypal account. Your account will be billed weekly and your juice will arrive the next day, fresh and ready to enjoy. You will see amazing results when you open your refrigerator and you are greeted by names such as Green Greatness, Verde Sol and Antioxidant Blast. Why don't you give a JuiceFresh recurring order subscription a try? JuiceClub members receive a DISCOUNT on every order - YEAH! Call us today and we'll ship out your first order right away!

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