Rid Your Body Of Harmful Toxins

What do the experts at The Cleveland Clinic's Center For Functional Medicine have to say about harmful toxins?

"Environmental toxins are all around us. From the food we eat and water we drink to the products and energy we consume."

There are many ways that we can encounter toxins and absorb them into our bodies. Toxins can enter our lungs through the air we breathe, into our skin through the products we use and into our bodies through the food we eat and products we drink. Something as simple as make-up or a home cleaning product can be a source of toxicity.

Some people work in hazardous environments and will have increased risks of exposure. Other people may have a weakened physical state and be more vulnerable to toxins from the outside world. No matter what we do toxins are going to get in and increase our chances of becoming sick from disease. The question is what will each of us do to get the toxins out. There is a tremendous amount of information available regarding environmental toxins. It can seem a bit overwhelming at times.

"The amount and depth of information in this area can be overwhelming. The expression of symptoms and disease is always an interaction between our genetics and our environment. Even small changes in our environment for example, decreasing exposure via better choices in food, beauty and cleaning products, ventilating our homes, eating a nutrient-dense and whole foods diet can make a significant difference in our risk for development of disease"
Melissa Young, MD ~ Center For Functional Medicine

The name may not sound very appealing, but there is an increased focus on "gut health" and the power of healing that comes from providing your body with unprocessed foods such as raw fruits and vegetable juices. Have you ever stopped to consider the difference between the names "antibiotic" and "probiotic"? Well, which one do you think you need for your body to maintain its peak performance?

Killing off beneficial bacteria through the overuse of antibiotics often results in creating a body that is out of balance. We need beneficial bacteria in our "gut" to help us to maximize our body's health.  Yes, you want a "clean diet", but no, you don't necessarily want a clean gut.

You need to supply your gut with raw, vegan, unprocessed and even fermented foods to maximize your bodies ability to fight off disease and to extract the maximum nutrition from the food you eat.  When you break free of the old toxins that are holding you back, you will find yourself breaking free of the bad fat that is weighing you down.  Turn your gut back into the powerful processing machine it was meant to be.  Deny your digestive track the harmful processed foods and introduce raw, unpasteurized, and high quality fermented foods that may help restore gut health. 

Many people discover that when they make the Detox Decision, launching their new effort with a 3-Day Cleanse is the best way to reorient their mind while reenergizing their body. A 3-Day JuiceFresh Cleanse is the polar opposite of dieting. Instead of depriving your body of healthy nutrients and valuable high quality calories, you flood your body with micronutrition. It's this high level of high quality raw fruits and vegetables that helps your body to let go of the bad... and hold onto the good.

When we starve ourselves through dieting, our body has no idea where it will be getting its next meal from. This causes stress and the body tends to hang on to every ounce of fat in a desperate attempt to survive. When you do a 3-Day JuiceFresh Cleanse, your body is getting a steady supply of super nutrition and you are conditioning yourself and your body that you will have a reliable source of nutrient dense juice.

You can relax and enjoy your cleanse while allowing your body to do what it was naturally designed for in the first place. Many customers tell us that their cleanse not only helped them detoxify their body, but more importantly it helped them to reorient their mind about exactly where nutrition comes from in the first place. It's common for people to say, "I no longer go looking for food when I get hungry, instead I go looking for high value nutrition." Yeah!

When you complete your cleanse, we can help you naturally transition back to healthy food choices.  When you order your 3-Day Cleanse we will forward you a concise Detox Guide to help you prepare and to manage expectations.  If you need a little more of a helping hand with your cleanse, or want to learn more about healthy food options after your complete your 3-Day Cleanse, we encourage you to consider participating in a JuiceFresh Guided Cleanse. It costs a little bit more, but it includes unlimited e-mail support and conference calls including pre-recorded messages about what to expect from your cleanse, how to detoxify and transitioning back to a healthier primarily plant-based diet. Here's to your health!

Want to learn more about the ideas behind Functional Medicine from a health care professional?  Here's a short video explainer from Dr. Robin Berzin, the founder of Parsley Health, a practicioner of Functional Medicine.

Check out our newest interview in our Guided Cleanse Program:

You will be introduced to experts in the field and you can enjoy interviews with well-known authors in the field of wellness such as Lisa Torbert of Heather's Holistic Health and learn more about her new book: Why Can't I Lose Weight? Toxins: Learn About pH, Digestion, Cortisol, Hormone Balance, Adrenals, Infections, Toxic Fat and Toxic Teeth.  Our JuiceFresh 3-Day Guided Cleanse is an additional $34.  Choose Guided 3-Day Juice Cleanse when ordering online or why not pick up the phone and give us a call.  844-584-2366

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